The Got Kids? A Lifeline for Parents e-book is here!

The brand new e-book from Author and Tournesol Kids Executive Director, Carey Davidson.

Get your copy now! A Five Elements parent's guide to optimize your home for success during COVID and beyond.  

Juggling work, homeschooling, relationships and self-care? The Got Kids? A Lifeline for Parents e-book delivers practical, customized techniques to navigate the busy household with ease, precision and success.

Discover individualized plans to maximize your time with each of the Five Archetypes, including:

  • Understanding their strengths, challenges and fears
  • Relationship behavior
  • Learning and studying type
  • Triggers and button pushers
  • How they show stress
  • Needs for safety
  • Coping mechanisms
  • How to soothe your child
  • Pleasing colors and calming shapes for their space
  • Activities that build resilience
  • The best daily structure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Yoga stretches
  • How your child will trigger YOU

A portion of proceeds from the Got Kids? A Lifeline for Parents e-book benefits Tournesol Kids.

About the Author

Executive Director

Carey Davidson

Carey Davidson is an expert in human relations.  She led Human Resources at Columbia University and was the Executive Director of CARING at Columbia, a component of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, which provides prevention and intervention programs for at-risk children in New York City.As the Founder and CEO of Tournesol Wellness in New York City, Carey began to design programs that combined groundbreaking science with ancient teachings to empower people and organizations with skills that maximize relationships by leveraging their unique interactive styles.  Carey’s book, The Five Archetypes: Discover Your True Nature and Transform Your Life and Relationships (2020 Simon & Schuster) takes readers on a deep dive into her practical system that uncovers your personal path to a successful life.

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