Unlock your kid's potential for success!

Providing Children with the Toolkit for Total Wellbeing

#PowerUp is the first program of its kind that incorporates the new science of Growth Mindset with principles of Mindfulness and Compassion to provide parents, educators and kids a science-based, time tested interactive online program that helps kids thrive in the face of challenge.

What to Expect

The program takes you through the process of learning your child’s individual nature through which he or she interacts with the world.  This nature helps determine how your child manifests feelings of success and experiences stress and anxiety.  Watching the instructional videos with your children and practicing the exercises daily will help your child reduce stress, increase focus and awareness and will foster a stronger bond between you and your child that will support more enjoyable and less challenging parenting.


Implementation is flexible, and can accommodate a variety of learning situations.  Once the videos have been viewed it may not be necessary to view them repeatedly as the exercises are easy to comprehend and remember. Parents are advised to have their children do the exercises daily to achieve maximum benefit. Less than 20 minutes a day can create tremendous benefits when part of a daily ritual.

How Students Will Benefit from #PowerUp

Expect to see transformations in self-awareness, focus, empathy and resilience within the first two months of daily practice.  (When you sign up, you will be receiving coaching tips and reminders of specific practices to keep you going).

Who Benefits most from #PowerUp?

#PowerUp is ideal for students in the 1st through 6th grades.  However, younger and older children can also benefit from what is offered in this introductory program.

Parents and educators will also discover how their own nature impacts their relationship with a particular child. This brings a deeper understanding of how to empower successful emotional and cognitive intelligence.

What’s Included

The program consists of five short instructional videos, three informational videos and two quizzes and one assessment.


Q: How often should we view the videos?

A: The videos were designed to be watched as often as a child wants to view them. Some videos will only need a few views to learn them, the real change comes from  regular practice, daily if possible.

Q: How long before we see changes?

A: See above (it will of course depend on how often a child practices and who they are (water child takes longer to see results, fire child’s results don't always last)

Q: What if my child scores high on multiple “powers”?

A: Have someone else complete the assessment for the child, usually one of the five primary powers become more obvious.

Q: What if my child likes some exercises more than others?

A: This is to be expected.  Certain exercises will be more challenging to certain kids (remember one size does not fit all kids.)  Practice along with your child is the best way to encourage them to participate.

Q: As a parent or caregiver, how active must I be in this process?

A: One of the over-arching purposes of the T-kids program is to improve parent-child and teacher-child relationships. Expecting a child to practice on their own or demanding that they practice is bound to lead to diminishing compliance.

Q:  What if my child is uninterested?

A: Practice should be presented as play not work. Most children are very interested in discovering what makes their nature unique.  This is the best way to encourage a child to grow his or her secret power. Sometimes, however, a child will be resistant to practice when a child has a strong habit of “fixed mindset thinking.”  Other child may resist practice because they are feeling insecure and threatened.

Where do I start?

Start by taking the free assessment (same for adults and kids) and take note of your scores. You will need to enter them starting the #PowerUP course and to monitor your performance over time.

Then sign up and enroll in the #PowerUp Level 1.


Praise for this course:

About the instructor

Director of Health & Education / Tournesol Kids

Stephen Cowan, MD

The Tournesol Kids Project is based upon the model for healthy child development designed by Stephen Cowan, MD, a world-renowned integrative developmental pediatrician. This proven model is outlined in his book, Fire Child, Water Child. Dr. Cowan’s method has been honed in his private practice in which, over the course of 30 years, he has cared for thousands of children, reached many more thousands of readers and taught many hundreds of students.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    #PowerUP Foundations

    • Welcome to Tournesol Kids #PowerUp!

    • What is the secret power behind the #PowerUp program?

    • Five Secret Powers Revealed

    • How do I know when I’ve become a Super Hero?

    • Instructions for Practice

    • It’s time to start learning your new super power skills!

    • Growing Wood Power

    • EXERCISE #1: Standing Like a Tree Kungfu

    • Wood Power Home Practice

    • Growing Fire Power

    • The Mood Meter

    • EXERCISE #1: X-Ray Feeling: The Mood Meter

    • Fire Power Home Practice

    • Growing Earth Power

    • EXERCISE #1: X-Ray-tasting: making connections

    • Earth Power Home Practice

    • Growing Gold Power

    • EXERCISE #1: X-Ray Thinking: Thought bubbles

    • Gold Power Home Practice

    • Growing Water Power

    • EXERCISE #1: X-Ray Hearing: Pause for Peace

    • Water Power Home Practice