Why The Tournesol Kids Game?

Our kids are suffering today in ways other generations couldn’t have imagined. Research has shown that childhood asthma, allergies, ADHD, depression and anxiety are on the rise. Medicines provide temporary solutions, but our kids are still turning to unhealthy choices to feel better. We need to empower kids with the skills to face challenges in a way that is simple, affordable, effective and backed by science.  

That’s why we came up with the Tournesol Kids Game. We created something really useful that kids want to do, parents can easily practice at home, and teachers can implement seamlessly into the classroom. 

About The Self-Awareness Guide

This deck helps you and your child build greater self-awareness, which is a key predictor for better health and greater success.

How It Works

•    First, kids discover their unique way of responding to stress with our online assessment.

•    Use these cards to get a basic understanding of your unique gifts and challenges as defined through the Tournesol Kids methodology.

•    If you want to dive in deeper check out our other offerings!

About the instructor

Director of Health & Education / Tournesol Kids

Stephen Cowan, MD

The Tournesol Kids Project is based upon the model for healthy child development designed by Stephen Cowan, MD, a world-renowned integrative developmental pediatrician. This proven model is outlined in his book, Fire Child, Water Child. Dr. Cowan’s method has been honed in his private practice in which, over the course of 30 years, he has cared for thousands of children, reached many more thousands of readers and taught many hundreds of students.

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